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Know Noise®

A comprehensive education program on hearing conservation for children in grades 3-6. Easy for teachers, school nurses, audiologists and other professionals to use. Video features fun music and two characters, Brenda and Luke, who tour the ear and give vivid examples of how noise affects hearing. 13 min.,1/2" VHS. Interdisciplinary curriculum features 140-page teacher's manual including 26 standard lesson plans, supporting learning activities, transparencies, technical information, local and national resources and supplemental articles. Two audio tapes, featuring an "unfair" hearing test, as well as 3M-brand ear plugs, are included.

Click on the image below to view a clip from the Know Noise VHS tape
Know Noise Video Image MPEG Link

Unfair hearing test clip
Know Noise theme song clip
  • Complete Program $89.00
  • Video Only $45.00
  • Curriculum / Activities $33.00
  • Binder $33.00
Audio Tapes and CDs
  • Unfair Hearing Test / Filtered Speech & Music
    • Audio Tape $7.00
    • CD $15.00
  • Know Noise Song
    • Audio Tape $7.00
    • Not available on CD
See how easy it is to teach a lesson from Know Noise. Sample a lesson from the Hearing and Your Health section of Know Noise, Science of Sound.

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 Know Noise® Products
Product Qty Price ($US)
Complete Program $89.00 ea.
Video Only $45.00 ea.
Curriculum / Activities $33.00 ea.
Binder $33.00 ea.
Unfair Hearing Test / Filtered Speech & Music
(Audio Tape)
$7.00 ea.
Unfair Hearing Test / Filtered Speech & Music
(CD, length: 2 tracks. 7 min, 22 sec.)
$15.00 ea.
Know Noise Song
(Audio Tape)
$7.00 ea.

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